“I have suffered with many allergies including the use of cosmetics such as eye shadows and eye liners. They would cause my eyelids to itch, become flaky, red and swollen. After a few AAT treatments to locate the ‘priority’ cause, the allergies have been eradicated! I can now wear cosmetics of choice without any symptoms. Thank you Dr. Maybank!”
Margo E., Collinsville, CT

“Since using the PEMF equipment (my father) has regained use of his paralyzed leg and alleviated almost all pain (severe herpetic neuropathy after shingles infection of the sciatic nerve.) He also has had zero progression of his Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia since using PEMF on a daily basis. Thanks for making us aware of the machine that he credits for saving his life.”

“Jaxon is a young border collie who needed surgery for both shoulders. Right after his first shoulder repair his person sought PEMF therapy. At Jaxon’s surgery re-check, the surgeon was impressed by the speed and quality of Jaxon’s healing, so much so that the other shoulder could be repaired 2 weeks earlier than planned. With PEMF therapy both shoulders were repaired and healed 4 weeks sooner than anticipate.”
Sarai & Randy

“Our horse, Todd, needed some circulation therapy and PEMF really seemed to advance his healing process. I also used PEMF on my shoulder and knees that have been bothering me. It does wonders. I would recommend the treatment to anyone that has aches or pains and cannot seem to get relief from other treatments.”

“Chancellor is an 8 year old German Shepherd who chewed on his feet. He was getting weekly allergy shots for pollen and taking Claritin for the itching but was not completely comfortable. Chancellor also takes thyroid medication. He was brought for “AAT” to get more help with his symptoms. Chancellor improved as we identified and treated food allergies but the complete turn around was when we identified and relieved sensitivity to his medications, thyroxin and Claritin! We asked Chancellor’s person if she would make a comment about AAT. “It’s a miracle. He’s cured!”